Bell-Ringing Moments

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What comes to mind when you see someone ringing a bell?



At LPCS, it is a way to recognize the amazing and wonderful things that Guests, Graduates, and Community Clients are accomplishing. Executive

 Director Dan Hula wanted to find a way to signify these moments, so he had a bell installed outside of his office. “While it is often easy to get caught up in the hectic and busy nature of our work, the bell has become a symbol of community, celebration, and a reminder to us all why we are here,” shared Hula. Now, the bell is rung every time a member of the LPCS community achieves one of their goals.


Within the past year the bell-ringing has caught on, and what was at first a small gathering of staff and Guests has blossomed into a full community assembly each time the bell is rung. The scene is often one of high-fives and hugs, of loud cheers and words of support - a true demonstration of LPCS culture.


David, a Guest here at LPCS, proudly stated that each time the bell is rung “it is an alert to everyone that something beautiful has happened…we’re happy for each other, because it’s all about celebrating moving forward!”


Janet, a Graduate of LPCS, recently celebrated purchasing a new pair of glasses with a bell-ringing ceremony. “These are real joyous events,” she expressed, beaming. “Moments to be shared that show how success comes out of everywhere and everyone.”


Great things are happening here at LPCS, and we are proud to share them with you. Please enjoy some clips of our recent bell ringing moments, and join us in celebrating our community’s accomplishments. Hopefully you’ll catch a bell-ringing moment at LPCS soon!



Follow the link to view some of our recent bell-ringing moments: